10 Tips: How to calm a crying baby, Step by step
How to calm a crying baby

10 Tips: How to calm a crying baby, Step by step

Baby won’t stop crying? Here are The Best Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby,


How to make your baby stop crying?

How to calm a crying baby

Being a parent is known for daily life without any sleeping time,

and sometimes we would be happy not to hear our lovley baby crying sounds.

When our baby begins with a non-stop crying attack, this can take any parent almost out of calm.

After you make sure that your little one is not hungry, thirsty, sick, wet or lost his pacifier, you face a challenging task: to calm him down.

Before we get into more details I would like to recommand you to watch the video of Dr Robert Hamilton,

a pediatrician –  over 30 years in the field.

“One of the great joys that i had in life is being able to take care of more than a thousands of newborn children”


Baby won’t stop crying? How to make a baby stop crying.

To make your task easier, Check out this 10 Tips to soothe your crying baby:

 1. Open flow of water

The sound of the water is soothing. Not for nothing baby shopping stores are selling us CDs of waves and ocean sounds.

Even for a child, the flowing water may calm him down and stop the crying. If you have time and desire, you can fill a bath or even washtub with water and move your baby around.

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2. Massaging your infant

Physical contact is always a good idea, even for adults but especially for children who appreciate it much more than words.
Rub the baby’s stomach, feet or the entire body. You can add almond oil, olive oil or even body lotions and make a slick and pleasant experience.

Baby cries at parent's wedding song

3. Play a song to calm your baby

It doesn’t have to be a soothing lullaby or nursery rhyme, it could also be even a popular pop song that you like. Like water and physical touch, music also has a calming effect. If you have “your song”- you should sing it to calm the baby.

Baby Crying - New Born Baby Crying 6 minuntes SOUND

4. Surprising Noise

Sometimes all a child needs to stop whining is a good distraction.
And what is better than a sudden noise? Barking, running a vacuum cleaner, using an hair dryer or even hand clapping may surprise your baby and stop the tears one by one.

babies cry and how to soothe them

5.  Brush the hair of your infant
Take a special hair brush for babies and just keep brushing gently. Many nerves are concentrated in the scalp and as same as massaging, the brushing is pleasant and relaxing.

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6. Pass it forward

If there is someone else around, try to pass your baby to them. Sometimes a different face and arms would intrigue him and stop his crying. Sometimes the baby would’nt feel comfortable to cry in the arms of a neighbor or a grandmother. Babies know that their “tricks” wouldn’t work on someone else, that heartbreaking scene is intended to the parents.

If it did not work and your baby is still crying, at least you have earned a few more minutes of quiet.

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7.  Take a walk with the baby stroller

Walk with your stroller on grass or gravel. You can diverse with bouncing and shaking. The experience and amusement at the park can relax him.
They say that if you change the place it could change your luck. Sometimes just leave your house and change the scenery, it could make the difference between a crying baby to a calm baby.

crying baby sound

8. Make a funny face to your toddler

Even a change in the mood may make the difference. Instead of feeling uncomftrable – just do a crazy face. You can add funny accessories that’s may stop your crying baby.

10 Tips How to calm a crying baby, Step by step

9. Use a baby carrier
Put your lovley crying baby in a cloth carrier and held it to your chest so he would feel the warmth of your body, smell you and hear your heartbeats.

Crying baby

10. Wrapping your toddler

You can wrap your baby with a blanket or a cloth diaper. Wrapping simulates the womb, that is protective and providing a sense of supportive boundaries which makes him feel safer.

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I would like to end with a funny video of a cute baby on Youtube 🙂

” Baby cries at parent’s wedding song “

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