Baby Milestones: From Newborn to Toddler
baby milestones

Baby Milestones: From Newborn to Toddler

baby milestones

Baby Milestones and What to Expect

The first year of the baby flies by quickly. Before you know it, 12 months have flown by and your tiny newborn is a fully active toddler with a personality! This incredible transformation happens in just one year and no matter how hard or long the nights might seem, you won’t have the time to keep track of every incredible new transformation. Keeping track of baby milestones will keep you in step with your baby’s growth patterns and each exciting new development in their journey towards toddlerhood!

New parents are always in for a surprise, despite the crash courses and tons of reading you will constantly be surprised by your baby and left wondering what to expect next. Often, growth charts create anxious parents, making them worry about their baby’s various developmental stages. There is no definitive standard for a child’s growth; each baby has its own pace. A fairly wide margin exists before parents should worry about their child’s growth patterns. Sometimes a baby reaches a milestone faster, other times the baby might be late and it’s important that parents give their child time before rushing to the pediatrician every second.

Speaking and walking are such variant developmental stages that there are no fixed trends. Some babies say their first word at eight months while some children can take almost a year before they decide to say their first word. Walking can start at any time between nine and eighteen months. The following milestones should be approached while keeping these variations and deviations in mind.

Usually baby milestones are split across a period of three months.

baby milestones

One to Three Months ( Baby Milestones ) 

In the first three months you will see your baby trying to get the hang of the world outside the womb. During the first three months you can look forward to the following transitions,

  1. Your baby smile, first to themselves than to others around them
  2. Raise their heads and chests, especially when on their belly
  3. Learning to understand and picture thing and decrease eye crossing
  4. Move their hands and bring them to their mouths.
  5. Develop a grip and taking swipes at things

baby milestones

Four to Six Months

After realization comes the desire to really interact and reach out for the outside world. During this phase you will find your baby making the most of their primary tool; their hands. During this time you will find your baby developing their voices. You can look forward to the following changes

  1. Rolling over, front back movements will be really popular during this time
  2. Children often start to bubble and gurgle, this is close to sounds that will feel like actual language.
  3. Laughs will be developed and more pronounced
  4. Babies will not just reach out now they will grab and pull too. Naturally keeping your hair tied is the safest route to prevent baby induced hair fall.
  5. Better head control and sitting with support will be seen

baby milestones

Seven to Nine Months

These are the months when the house should be baby proofed! Your baby is figuring out rolling and will try to be on the move. These months will be dedicated to figuring out moving forward and backward. Make sure your house is safe for a baby during these months. During this time,

  1. Your baby will start to crawl, scoot, drag and basically be locomotive.
  2. Sit properly and without support
  3. Your baby will get you excited with a babble of familiar words and respond to you more clearly with a “mama” or “dada”.
  4. Your baby will want entertainment, be curious and play games with you.
  5. Your baby will learn to stand with support.

baby milestones

10 to 12 Months

This is the part where you will no longer be dealing with a baby but the early onset of a toddler. Your little bundle of joy is not so little anymore. This last bit of development will exhaust you more and make you realize that you baby is not an infant anymore. During this period,

  1. Doing things on their own will be really popular
  2. Your child will be learning how to feed themselves
  3. Move around and walk with support
  4. Speak one to three words but this can vary
  5. Demand your attention
  6. Become the copycat

Baby milestones are a growth record of the baby as well as the parents. There is so much to look forward to and prepare for. Make sure you know the basics and you will have the time of your life your children.


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