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Getrend Launches New Child Safety Locks on


Getrend’s new Child Safety Locks are now available on for purchase. Made from premium quality RESIN material, the Child Safety Locks are uniquely designed to secure homes and make it safer for walking or crawling children. Each pack contains six pieces of white safety latches that can be used on various surfaces such as wood, stainless and glass to help parents childproof their homes.

The flexible safety latches feature a strong 3M adhesive that firmly stays in place and can be removed without any unnecessary marks or residue. The adhesive foam can be reused and works on round and flat corners, allowing parents to use them for childproofing appliances, furniture, cabinets, cupboards and household equipment to keep their baby safe.

With their adult friendly design, the Child Safety Locks from Getrend are easy to close and open with only one hand, but are difficult for walking or crawling children to work out. Toddlers will not be able to unlock the latches. The child safety locks can be used to secure toilet seats, boxes, stoves, ovens, windows, closets, dishwasher, food containers, bathroom shower, electrical appliances, cans and drawers and prevent children from reaching dangerous items such as glassware and silverware as well as air fresheners, detergents and toxic cleaners.

Installation of the safety locks only takes a few minutes. No special tools are required to install the locks at home. Parents only need to cut each strap to their required length, peel off the sticker and stick the lock’s adhesive side to the surface. The child safety locks from Getrend offer a convenient and improved baby-proofing solution to parents who want to guarantee the safety of their child at home.

Each pack comes with a lifetime satisfaction warranty. Getrend is also offering a Special Limited Time Bonus. Every purchase comes with free baby outlet plugs, which can be used to cover sharp objects and open outlets to prevent children from inserting their fingers into them. The safety locks also come with two user manuals. There is one inside the package and another one sent by mail. Those who will join Getrend’s email list can also get a special 10% coupon that can be used to save money on their next purchase of Getrend Child Safety Locks.

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