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Getrend Announces the Launch and Release of Their New Product – ‘Child Safety Locks’

Childproof your Home Cabinet

(United States), (New York), February 28, 2016 – Getrend – a new brand that is dedicated towards giving their customers top quality products and services, is excited to announce the launch and release of their new product – ‘Child Safety Locks,’ which is second to none when compared with others on the market.


The reasons for this are not farfetched. Unlike others, Getrend childproof straps are easy-to-install, and very simple to open and close with just one-hand. These 6 pieces white colour safety locks have been carefully designed to be adult friendly and difficult to figure out for crawling or walking kids.


Report says about 2.5 million children are injured or killed each year by dangers right in their own home. That is why childproofing one’s house is so important. Children learn through tasting, climbing, pushing and pulling things, and most times they get themselves and the entire house messy and injuring themselves in the process.


Made from high quality RESIN material, this remarkable product is suitable for childproofing the home, doors, drawers, oven, seats, refrigerators, and so on. It is perfect for plain surfaces and round corners, and it comes with a multi use latches that stays in place and can be removed without hassles – leaving no unwanted marks or residue when removed or replaced.


Now available for sale on Amazon, this revolutionary ‘Adjustable Child Safety Locks’ can be found on the following link –


A spokesperson of the company said; “Our child safety lock straps are manufactured to offer caring parents the most effective baby proofing solution. They are uniquely designed to secure your home and make it safer for crawling or walking babies/children.”

“Each pack contains 6pcs proofing locks that are guaranteed to help reduce or eliminate common baby accidents in your home. These straps can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including Stainless, Glass, and Wood to make proofing anything in your apartment a whole lot easier.”


Weighing 0.8 ounces, Getrend child safety locks is presently selling at a sale price of $16.95 for very shortly and limited time, and it is delivered with free outlet plugs. These plugs are perfect for covering open outlets to prevent toddlers from drilling their fingers into them.


We are presently offering ten (10) discounts to customers so as to gain access to this high quality product at the least price possible. To know more about this, visit the following link –


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“Getrend is dedicated towards delivering to its customers the highest quality, innovative products with the best customer experience.

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