Top 5 Ways to Manage Baby Sleep - What to Avoid
baby sleep

Top 5 Ways to Manage Baby Sleep – What to Avoid

baby sleep

Top 5 Ways to Manage Baby Sleep

New parent? Baby sleep is a nightmare isn’t it? Here are a few tips to aid you in this process!

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Every new parent is painfully aware of how difficult it can be to manage baby sleep. Setting a sleeping schedule requires a lot of patience and resilience by the parents. The hardest part of parenthood, when you embark on this frustrating yet wonderful journey, is not getting enough sleep yourself. It is definitely the first of many sacrifices parents make.

However, here are a few cheats and tricks that can help you during this time. Newborns are a challenge and these methods have been known to work wonders for new parents. Not only will you be able to make your baby sleep, you will be able to maintain a schedule without the usual fuss.


baby sleep

  • Nap-In-A-Snap; Slings are THE Tools for Baby Sleep Management

Baby sleep is not all that different from adult sleep patterns, not only babies but even adults can easily be put to sleep when they are on the move. Most people tend to fall asleep in a car because the movement is a naturally soothing feeling. With the usage of the sling you are getting three amazing benefits

  1. You are making the most out of your baby’s natural sleeping patterns
  2. You are keeping your baby very close to yourself; nothing makes a baby more content than the natural closeness and warmth of the mother’s body. (And no too much carrying around does not spoil you baby!) This not only soothes the baby but helps the mother as well, nothing can compare to the feeling of having your baby really close.
  3. Your hands are free! This is perhaps the best advantage to using the sling; you can be on the move, do grocery, take a walk and have the baby napping in a snap!

baby sleep

If you have been near the ocean, beach, river or lake then you will know how soothing the sights and sounds of large bodies of water can be. It’s not that different with children, soothing sounds and even white noise (light fan sounds) used to drown out the sounds of traffic and noise can do wonders for a baby’s sleep. If you want to calm your child get a CD of light music or the sound of flowing water and you might get a few hours of decent sleep with you baby too!

baby sleep

  • Dark Helps a Baby Sleep

There is a reason why “lights out” means sleep time. According to researcher and sleep expert Kim West darkness helps a baby sleep much better. Lights stimulate a child into thinking it’s time to “Rise and Shine!” Lights help push the activity ‘go’ button of a child according to the author of “No-Cry Sleep Solution”, Elizabeth Pantley. Darkness on the other hand aids the brain into releasing melatonin; a very important sleep hormone.

A baby needs to be told and made to understand by conditioning their response to light and dark. If a baby is sleeping more during the daytime it is important that the baby understands the difference between night and day. If you place your child in a well-lit or bright room for their afternoon nap and a dark room at night with a dull night light, preferably blue, to create a soothing effect. The yellow and white varieties are more stimulating in nature. Always put your baby down for sleep two hours before in a dim room to set the tone for “bed-time”.

baby sleep

Resist the temptation to change your baby’s diaper every single time they wake up. Nothing wakes a baby wide awake more than a cold wet wipe. Smell your baby and change only if there’s a need to and when you do try to use a warm cloth. This keeps the baby from fully waking up. Warmth keeps the baby closer to sleep and overall calm.

baby sleep

Okay, this might sound absurd to a lot of people but, a lot of new mothers will realize why nursing and nodding off with the baby (while managing safety) is a blissful experience. For one thing, you are not constantly jumping out of bed and straining yourself at every creak from the bassinet. Curving yourself around the baby will do wonders for both mother and child, sleep and otherwise.


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